The “Reading for a Reason” fundraiser was created in memory of Ms. Georgia Williams, beloved English teacher at Nyack High School. Regretfully, she lost her battle with breast cancer in the spring of 2020. Volunteers will pledge to read a number of pages over the course of two months. The monetary donations collected from sponsors who support the volunteer’s reading goal will be given to the Georgia Williams Scholarship Fund. Thank you for your support.


Get Involved

Students or staff who are interested in participating should reach out to Ms. Birro in the library or any member of the English Honor Society. Participants are not limited in their choice of reading material, and can read texts that are assigned in classes or any materials they read on their own. Check out the Resources section for the sign-up form and more information!

Contact Us

Ms. Birro, Nyack High School Librarian, Reading For a Reason Organizer.

Ms. Moldovan, Nyack High School English Teacher, English Honor Society Club Advisor.